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About RESC

Established in 1966, we are gathered from a variety of technical disciplines in the Greater Cincinnati area. If you are an engineer or scientist, either working or retired, join us for dining and scientific discussion/education with other members. We meet October through May to share knowledge and experiences while pursuing interests in technology and industry developments. All of our activities are nonsectarian, nonpolitical and nonfinancial.

Our activities include:
Lunch followed by
Technical Programs, often with PE CE/CPD credit
Tours of local centers of innovation.
Involvement and support in local S.T.E.M. competitions

This Months Program

Technical   Presentation   1:00   pm

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This Months Technical Program will be:

Firearm Forensics:

presented by

Kevin Lattyak, Hamilton Co. Crime Lab
bio photo

This one hour presentation will cover the history and evolution of Firearms Identification (Ballistics), one of the recognized categories associated with Forensic Science. What is Firearms Identification and what information can be gained from an examination of a gun, ammunition, fired bullet or casing will be discussed. The basic theories, principles and technology that apply to Firearms Identification will be presented. Additionally other lesser known examinations and functions performed within the section will be described. A brief overview of how guns and ammunition are made and the forensic impact of these methods will be included in this presentation.

About Kevin Lattyak
Kevin Lattyak is the Firearms Section Supervisor at the Hamilton County Coroner's Office Crime Laboratory in Cincinnati. The section is comprised of himself and three other examiners. He has an extensive background in firearms and forensics and has been in his profession for over 34 years. He is originally from Wisconsin however, his career in Forensics started in 1982 when he began his training as a Firearms Examiner at the Kansas Bureau of Investigation Crime Laboratory in Topeka Kansas. Most of his time as a Firearms Examiner was spent in the Western part of the US (crime labs in New Mexico and Nevada). In 2009 he was recruited by BAE Systems (British Aerospace) to work on a special project that provided expeditionary forensic services to the US Armed forces in Afghanistan. During this time, Kevin worked as the Lead Firearm Examiner at the JEFF 5 Lab at Bagram Airfield where he and his team examined weapons that had been collected from the battlefields across Afghanistan. He was also asked to develop a training program to teach Forensic Firearm Identification to staff from the Afghanistan Ministry of Interior. After his time in Afghanistan, Kevin moved to Ohio and now calls Cincinnati home. Kevin has been recognized in courts of law across the US as an expert in the fields of: Firearm and Toolmark Identification, Shoeprint and Tire Track Identification, Shooting Scene Reconstruction and Crime Scene Investigation. His firearms related training includes: Graduation from the Colorado School of Trades in Gunsmithing, Various courses at the FBI Academy in Quantico Virginia and armorers schools by many of the major gun manufactures. He is also a Life member of AFTE (the Association of Firearms and Toolmark Examiners).


All future plans are subject to revision

November 15, 2016

Cincinnati Streetcar Project*
John Deatrick, Project Engineer

December 20, 2016

Holiday Sing Along

January 17, 2017

Battery & Electric Car Technology*
Don Wires, AMP Electric Vehicles

February 21, 2017

Cyber Crime Prevention*
Robb White, FBI Computer Forensics

March 21, 2017

Science of Packaging*
Jim Bono, Chemical Engineer

April 18, 2017

Eiffel Tower Elevator Design*
Bob Siegfried, Mechanical Engineer

May 16, 2017

Cancer Breakthrough Update*
Margaret van Gilse, VP Bexion

* Qualifies for CPD Credit

PE/CE Certificates

RESC offers PE/CE* Credit:

$5.00 for Non-members - Free to Members.

You are invited to join us for lunch at 11:30 am and attend the technical program for PE CE credit at 1:00 pm.

If you are unable to attend the luncheon you may attend the 1:00 pm program to obtain the CE Certificate but you must register with: Howard Heineke, (513) 733-4282, by 10:00 a.m. one day prior to the presentation or email CE Credit

To receive the PE CE Certificate, we will request your PE registration number and your PE name since certificates are prepared in advance.

According to our information OH, KY and IN have reciprocal agreements for PE credits.

There is no charge for attending just the program.

*PE Professional Engineer, CE Continuing Education

The Upcoming Tours

Make a tour Reservation:

The first tour of our this RESC season is now set for Thursday, October 20th from 1 to 3 pm.

This tour is of the Richard Miller Treatment Plant (RMTP), part of the Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW) owned and operated by the city itself, with focus on a new ultraviolet disinfection treatment system. Construction of the system was started in Nov 2010 and completed in Oct 2013. Apparently it's the largest utility in North America to use this additional UV light treatment step after conventional coagulation/sedimentation/filtration and then activated carbon filtration.

Further detail is available on the web by googling richard miller treatment plant. Note that Lee Hite co-authored a 2015 article on this plant that traces the history of the facility. Very interesting background! Another co-author of that 2015 paper (published in the American Water Works Association Journal December 2015) is Lawrence Moster (Assistant Superintendent of GCWW Supply Division) who will be our tour guide.

Please signup on the RESC website (preferred) or at the October 18th luncheon meeting.

The Upcoming Planned Tours for the 16-17 activities year are

CVG Behind the Scenes (November)

Kroger Food Plant (March)

Metalex (May)

These are tenative plans and are subject to repeated changes. Be sure to check back here for the latest information.

Now is a good time to let the tour director know of any places you believe would provide an interesting tour. Including a contact would be helpful.